Choosing the Right Casino Chairs Supplier

The time has come… After 6+ years, your casino chairs are veterans of the gaming floor. Battle-scarred, burnt and bruised, your casino chairs stand like weary sentinels before your slots and table games. The dingy chairs are the main point of physical contact with your visitors and now, no matter how much your floor is changed or rearranged, there is just no way to hide that the chairs have seen better days. Realizing it is time for a seating makeover, you have quite a few considerations to make…Do you reupholster the casino chairs with the same fabric? Do you switch out the bases for newer versions? Or is it time for a total re-haul of the casino floor for new market capture?

Every property will answer these questions based on their own (drastically) differing strategic goals and agendas, however there is one unanimous common factor: Who do I work with to fix my casino chair woes? We have taken the time to divide your supplier options into 4 main categories, hopefully helping you expedite this decision-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive process:


Category 1 – Old-Reliable: For most slot managers, the answers lie with who you have worked with previously. The good old reliable supplier is a known factor, you have history. It would be simple thing to call them up for a quick quote with expected price on new bases or fabric, especially if you are not planning on making serious changes to the interior decor. The problem with Old-Reliable comes when you need something to zest up your gaming floor. Old-Reliable might have the trendy setting style that you need in order to excite customers… then again they might not.

Category 2 – Haute Chaise: When you think of modern and edgy designs, these suppliers come to the front of your mind. These chairs grab the visitors’ attention and make them take notice of the planning that was put into every aspect of your floor design. Beautiful to look at… these chairs can get a little pricey and, for the most part, are better to look at then to actually sit in. With this supplier, you might have to choose between beauty, longevity, and economy, especially when when planning a complete renovation.

Category 3 – Budget Seats: If the most important thing to your strategy is low-cost with an assurance of a quick ROI, these guys are your best bet. They usually offer a small product diversity with relatively low quality offerings. This could be seen as a pretty easy choice, initially, but long-term more money will be spent on repairs and parts. In addition, your visitors won’t thank you when they deal with sore back-sides from playing your machines.

Category 4 – Long-Sitter: When thinking about the investment of chairs over time, we reccomend the high quality supplier with a proven track record of long-lasting chairs. These high-end suppliers deal with comfort investment in terms of player time-on-device. In layman’s terms, the more comfortable the player is, longer the player sits on the chair at the device, and the more money each device makes per player. These suppliers are positioned as long-term investments, so expect high prices and extended warranties.




Reflect back to these categories when you are making your supplier choice in collaboration with your strategic goals and you are sure to make the right decision. Keep in mind that these categories can intermix… it’s actually better when they do! If you can find a supplier that hits all four categories in different ways, more power to you.

Just think of this as the mighty simplifier and good luck on your search!