Understanding the Buying Process for Casino Chairs

Details are the lifeblood of a successful casino. From the tint in lighting to the placement of machines on the game floor, every aspect of the “adult playground” experience is carefully considered and planned from conception through execution. These thorough considerations are what most jaded players have come to expect from their respective casinos; an atmosphere of sophistication and forethought is the norm in most premium casinos today.

One might ask: With all of the components that need to be managed to create the “integrated resort/casino” package, why should time be put into the buying process for casino chairs? In response, we bring your attention to one thing: Casino chairs are the thing that your players will be in physical contact with The Most while gaming. If your goal is create an experience, why would you completely neglect one of the most important of the 5 senses – touch? You will spend years planning the look of a property, you will find great chefs to create it’s taste, you will regulate and enhance it’s sound through music, so why wouldn’t you spend time on your casino’s feel?

Here we will layout some of the most important considerations when choosing your floor’s “feel”, helping you to better round out your property and exponentially increase your player’s overall enjoyment:

Rebuild, Expansion, Remodel, OR New Build? – To begin, we ask…What type of casino chair purchase is this?

Where are the Chairs Marked For..? – Slots, Blackjack, Poker, Bar, Sports Book, Roulette, Bingo, etc. Each area has different features and characteristics that determine how their average respective chairs should be created:

Which Areas will Make/are Making the Most Profit? – High Limit Seating vs. Penny Slot Seating

How Much Durability is Needed and What is the Replacement/Repair Plan? – How much wear will the casino chairs accumulate and what are the ways of managing that wear?

What Should the Chairs Look Like? – Should they blend into the background, enhance/compliment the interior design, or stand out?

There are far more things to consider when purchasing your casino chairs, but the majority of attention and time should go to the main factors discussed above. Through reflection and deliberation on these issues, your casino chair purchasing process will go smoothly and your floor’s “feel” will be assured.