Chairs to Remember – an article from the Casino Journal’s Post G2E Issue 2015

If a modern cabinet is the primary hardware need of a slot game, a comfortable chair would be a close second. Provide a secondhand piece of furniture to even the best slot machine, and chances are the customer will walk away no matter how enticing the game is.

Reno, Nev.-based Gary Platt Manufacturing is well known throughout the gaming industry for providing chairs that are innovative, ergonomic and fashion forward. At G2E 2015, the company showcased their new X2-Tended Play Series, bringing the concept to its popular LIDO line of chairs under the moniker LIDO X2. With the additional ergonomic sculpting and plush seat, the X2-Tended Play Series delivers more comfort to LIDO as well as the company’s GX2, SX2, BX2 product lines; which increases player satisfaction and translates into longer playtime.

“Our three top-selling chairs all come from the X2 series,” said Ed Abadie, seating design engineer for Gary Platt. “That is because we focus on the ergonomics. The chairs have specially designed back bars for support and broader seats for greater comfort. Our philosophy to make chairs with unsurpassed comfort and the craftsmanship is there as well; our latest chairs feature new curves and details like double-stitching.”

Indeed, according to company literature, every Gary Platt chair is handcrafted to enhance the casinos interior themes while being engineered for durability and unsurpassed comfort.

“We are introducing new models that have taken comfort and style to the next level,” added Skip Davis, president of Gary Platt. “We have invested in our future by putting the resources behind our research and development efforts to distinguish our products in the market place. This was clearly evident in our first nine months results for 2015. The evolution of the casino chair will continue in 2016 and we couldn’t be more excited about the future.”

This combination of evolving product and tested business approach has the company extremely bullish on its future in the casino marketplace.

“This is a very exciting time in the casino seating industry, and in particular, for Gary Platt Manufacturing,” Davis said. “There is a large amount of activity in the casino expansion and casino remodel market to go along with the new construction.  I see more emphasis being placed on specifying and selecting seating that will help promote a better experience for players. This represents a renewed awareness that play is influenced by chair comfort and ergonomics and that has always been our philosophy and the foundation of our company mission.”

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