Bet Rite – GPM’s Canadian Distributor – featured in CGB article

All of Gary Platt’s representatives are the very best in their respective territory. Bet Rite holds to this standard of excellence in the Canadian market by distributing top quality products and services, exclusively for the gaming industry. Bet Rite was recently featured in Canadian Gaming Business Fall 2015 issue.

Bet Rite, Canadian Gaming Business Company Profile

Bet Rite Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated company focused solely on bringing world class gaming products and services to the Canadian casino market. The management team brings more than 40 years experience in project management, interior slot signage, slot machines, table games, systems hardware, bill validators, progressive products and LCD display solutions to provide customers with well-rounded gaming business solutions.

An authorized registered gaming vendor in every province across Canada, Bet Rite began in 2009 as the brainchild of company founders, President Richard Cone and Chief Operating Officer Billy MacLellan. These two seasoned veterans of the Canadian gaming market saw there was a need for a service-oriented gaming supply company that was focused on and dedicated to the Canadian gaming customer. This led to the bringing together of their respective companies, Progressive Gaming Consulting and Macklyn Casino Services, to form Bet Rite Inc.

“The thing that has allowed us to grow from a relatively new entrant as a company in the Canadian gaming market is that our focus is purely on the Canadian marketplace and our understanding of the uniqueness of the Canadian marketplace,” says Cone. “It is different than the U.S. and it is different than in other parts of the world because of the nature of the regulatory environment and the level of government operation that the law requires. That understanding and that experience, coupled with the service focus — that we also service what we sell and distribute — is really the foundation of our success. We’ve taken the company from a relatively small size to a tremendous amount of revenue and growth for all of our sales partners in a fairly rapid fashion because of these reasons.”

Building solid partnerships

Bet Rite is the Canadian distributor and service provider for: Crane Payment Innovations bill validators; Transact ticket printers; Ortiz Gaming electronic bingo; Interblock electronic table games; KGM Gaming casino signage, slot bases and pit stands; Gary Platt seating; 3M touch screens; Mappedin interactive touchscreen directories; and Flexible EL signs.

Bet Rite’s product partners are considered “best of breed” in their respective categories. The company provides customers with a single-vendor approach offering multiple product lines and services to meet the needs and challenges in the Canadian market.

“With the consolidation of the industry in terms of some of the manufacturing on the OEM side, there are some newer companies springing up that are looking for entry into the Canadian marketplace,” says Cone. “There are also some new technological innovations and products that are helping to fuel that. We see that there are some real opportunities with some of these newer players in Canada and to be able to help them best display some of the products and get them to market in the fastest and most successful way.”

Focused on service

Cone says that at Bet Rite, customers receive the kind of quality and service they expect from an industry leader. The company is always evolving as the needs of its customers change and as new opportunities are created in the market. Cone and MacLellan say they have made it the company’s responsibility to know their customer and their business.

“The biggest challenge is probably that the market has really entered its maturity phase in Canada,” explains Cone. “There are not a lot of new properties that are opening or being built so the market is not expanding as rapidly as it did throughout the prior 15 or 20 years. Obviously it’s harder for everyone to grow the business. Those are some of the challenges that some of our partners and customers face as well: How are we going to attract a new generation of gamer and how are we going to get more efficiency out of the market and out of the products and operations? That’s where we feel our knowledge and expertise helps both our partners on the supply side and our customers and Canadian gaming operators.”

Training and support

Bet Rite provides all service including installation, training, and maintenance. Their technical teams are fully trained on each of the products, providing customers with fast and reliable support. In addition to the Bet Rite technical team, the service team from Macklyn Casino Services has been working with Canadian casinos since April 2007 and continues to provide the same convenient, quality services that have made them a leader in the casino signage service industry.

“We want to continue to expand our partnerships,” says Cone. “Our business model is really based on having a best of breed in each of the product categories of offerings in gaming. Whether the seating or signage or slot games or other products, we like to partner with the best and try to be a full-service supplier. We’d like to continue that expansion into other product categories and other partnerships that we’re exploring. We believe that is the future for Bet Rite, that’s where the growth is going to be and where we add value and efficiency to the marketplace.”

Share company vision

The company’s “service-first” philosophy is emphatically shared by MacLellan, who has dedicated much of his career to formulating such a vision.

“Previously, we all worked for different gaming companies,” says MacLellan. “The larger companies from the U.S. or different jurisdictions usually are all about the sale. Once the sale happens, then that’s it. What we’d like to focus on is not only the sale but taking care of everybody after the sale. We feel that’s what brings customers back each time. We pride ourselves in providing custom solutions. Even if it is something that we don’t usually do but is something they need, we’ll actually go out and either source it or have it made.”

Cone echoes MacLellan’s sentiments, adding that as a custom solutions provider, Bet Rite is able to integrate their own strengths with those of their partners in order to better serve the Canadian gaming industry.

“I spent the first half of my career in the industry on the customer side,” says Cone. “Being able to transition and take that expertise and knowledge and to use that to provide better service from the vendor community back to the Canadian customer is the thing that I feel very proud of and most excited by.”

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