Gary Platt Manufacturing stresses seating for gaming resort sections

Gary Platt Manufacturing stresses seating for gaming resort sections

(Casino Journal) For more than 20 years, Gary Platt Manufacturing has been a leading provider of performance casino seating. Combined, the design team has more than 50 years of experience in providing products with comfort and excellence. The company produces premium seating for casinos on five continents and creates chairs for slots, table games, poker, bar-top, sportsbook and bingo.

Vice President of Sales Joshua Corrick recently took some to answer questions for Casino Journal’s Associate Editor Joan Mantini on how seating design trends have evolved and what the company is doing to accommodate operator needs.

When it comes to designing chairs what is top priority for the company?

CORRICK: When designing chairs, Gary Platt Manufacturing’s top priority is delivering unsurpassed comfort. After more than 20 years of making casino chairs, Gary Platt research clearly shows that when players are comfortable, they stay and enjoy themselves longer, and that can have a positive effect on a casino’s bottom line. Gary Platt lead designer Ed Abadie refers to his design creation process as “the refinement of the sit,” through which Abadie and his design team study and refine ergonomics, pursuing an even more comfortable sit. According to Abadie, “when people sit in an aesthetically pleasing chair, the last thing that they expect is comfort and that’s exactly the reaction you get when they sit in a Gary Platt chair. They look nice, but the ‘wow factor’ comes in when they sit down and experience Gary Platt’s unsurpassed comfort.”

How have you seen seating design evolve over the years? How do you predict it will change in the future?

CORRICK: Ergonomics is an evolving science driven by experience, testing and evolving technologies. When casino seating first came to casinos it was the most comfortable available, primarily because before that, players stood up to play. Any chair was an improvement. Since chairs have been introduced, the technology in and around them has evolved, just as the slots they sit in front of have evolved with technology. Today’s materials, including the foam, frame and upholstery, are all better now, and those advances have played a role in the evolution of technology. For Gary Platt, its X2 line—named for extended play—was a point of differentiation for the company and for the industry, because it took the principles of ergonomics and seating to a new and more comfortable level.

Since then, the company has been focused on continually perfecting the comfort of its chairs inside and out—from ensuring the front edge relieves leg pressure to ensuring the foam and upholstery work together to create a comfortable sit. The chair architecture has also evolved, which has also been driven by advances in materials. Today, metals are both stronger and lighter, enabling more creativity in design, without the fear of creating a chair that is too cumbersome for slot or other casino personnel to move. Abadie has an architecture background, which has taught him to work with the raw materials to create new inspirations.

What processes does the company have in place for testing seating quality and comfort?

CORRICK: It all starts in engineering. The design, prototypes, materials and research all lead to new creations that are then put to sit tests. In those tests, every inch of the chair is analyzed for detail on hundreds of points of contact, such as where a seat lands on legs, where curves land on the spine, where armrests land on forearms and more.

From engineering, quality assurance moves to the production line. Every Gary Platt chair is made by hand in the company’s factory in Reno, Nev., and multiple quality checks along every step of the production process ensure each chair is built to the highest standards. There are quality checks on the foam, stitching, thread, finish, base, back, and even packing and shipping to ensure the quality doesn’t diminish during any part of the chair building process.

What are some of your most sought-after products in designing social spaces on the gaming floor? What do you think makes them popular?

CORRICK: In today’s world, the entire casino is a social space, so Gary Platt creates each of its chairs with that in mind. People want to be comfortable and enjoy themselves whether that means a social setting where one guest is playing and the other is observing, whether they are playing side by side on a slot bench, in the race and sports book or in the convention area.

Part of the new social space is being driven by suppliers who are creating larger slots where more than one player can enjoy the game at once, and Gary Platt has had a great deal of success with its Sonoma bench line, which brings all of the ergonomics and comfort of its single sit chair to a bench environment. Gary Platt also showed a bench version of its patented Monaco design at last month’s G2E, and attendee reviews were very positive.

The race and sports book is also a social gaming area, perhaps more than any other in the casino. At G2E, Gary Platt unveiled its new line of sportsbook seating, which includes an all new high luxury club chair, a new spin on the classic Lido and many other new and exciting options.

Of course, table games have a long-standing tradition of being a social area in the casino, and at G2E, Gary Platt introduced a new line of comfort-rail tables that takes Gary Platt’s world-famous seating foam and injects it into table game rails. The new comfort rails are available on the most popular casino table games including baccarat, blackjack, poker and roulette.

With sports betting currently trending, is Gary Platt seating doing anything to target this section of the gaming market with design and seating functionality?

CORRICK: Yes indeed. Gary Platt has conducted a tremendous amount of research in race and sports book seating. As we mentioned earlier, Gary Platt unveiled its new line of sports book seating at G2E, and the response was very positive. Whether guests are playing the ponies all day or watching a three-hour football game, seating comfort is a priority in sportsbooks. It’s an area that has been overlooked, and operators have been incredibly receptive to our new sports book chairs.


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CI Editorial: A New Face At The Top

CI Editorial: A New Face At The Top

From Casino International’s April 2018 Edition:

Gary Platt has long been a world-renowned name in casino seating. The company recently brought in a new CEO to facilitate a new period of growth, and he spoke with Casino International about his credentials for the job and his plans for one of the great names of gaming. 

Joe Esposito joined Gary Platt Manufacturing as CEO late 2017. His remit? To create greater efficiency and to expand a world-respected and -renowned brand beyond its traditional horizons – and he’s had a great start. Joe spoke with Casino International about what’s going on with Gary Platt. 

Casino International: When did you join Gary Platt? 

Joe Esposito: I started mid-October 2017, so it’s been over six months now. It’s a great company and a great opportunity. 

CI: Business goes in cycles generally but Gary Platt has been at the top of its game for a long time – that’s unusual in any field. What’s your background, and how can you improve on what the company is already doing? 

JE: I’m originally from upstate New York, Rochester, and I have always been in the operations/supply chain/manufacturing part of the equation. I worked for a long time in the housewares industry, as supply chain VP of operations and over the past few years I have run a few different organisations, with my role tied to growth and operational improvement. I ran Xenith, a football helmet company, and Fat Head, that makes posters of pro players for walls.   

CI: One of the reasons you have come to the table for Gary Platt is supply chain efficiency; what does that actually mean both for the company and the end customer? 

JE: For Gary Platt, we have been the premier chair supplier for the industry for many, many years and it’s growing so fast; we have grown over 50% over the last three years. The customisation and complexity in the industry is changing, people want more designs, more colours, more chairs, more options. That creates complexity in your supply chain because you need to be able to produce more chairs, shorter run lengths, more details and you have to do all of that within an efficient cost and while maintaining the same quality you are known for. 

What I bring to the table is the efficiency of the supply chain, so that we can continue to make the customer experience even better, customers get their products faster and better – and in an efficient way that meets those complex needs. 

CI: Has the establishment of a European office happened as a result of your appointment? 

JE: It’s part of my influence, and it’s opportunistic in terms of the market availability there, we feel there is certainly an opportunity in Europe. This allows us to compete at a closer level to our customer and to be more regional and localised, and now we have the ability to split our supply chain into multiple facilities and to do that efficiently and effectively allows us to do this in a way to help us be closer to our customers. It’s important that we run an efficient supply chain and minimise the time everything takes for our customers. 

CI: What is Gary Platt’s USP? 

JE: There are two things that put us ahead of the rest of the market, I think. One is, our chairs are just the most comfortable. We win the ‘sit test’ all the time, we spend a lot of time with our partner that makes our specialised foam in Norway; we have won the sit test for 15 years. That leads casino players to spend more time on the game and that’s what our customers want to see. That’s at the top of the list, I think. 

The second piece that goes along with that is, we are casino chair focussed. I believe we are the only business that solely delivers casino chairs, we do not gravitate into other areas. Where we try to expand and evolve the business is all related, with sound chairs, eSports chairs, there are lots of opportunities within the casino sector. So in a nutshell, it is a combination of having the best seats on the market, and a real focus on what we are doing for the industry. 

CI: You do philanthropic work in your community, including on the board of a boxing gym in Detroit; is that a personal passion? 

JE: I’ve always been involved in sports and gaming, things that are tied to sports. When I was in Detroit, I became involved with a youth program that had the credo, books before boxing. What it does is to take an inner-city group with a very low high school graduation rate and we allow these kids to come into the program for free. The hook is the boxing; they all want to learn to box and be competitive for free, but they have to go through the tutoring process, do their homework and stay in school before they get to that point. It’s an after-school program that has the kids from 4-7pm, with the first 90 minutes spent on studying and the second section on boxing. It’s been incredibly successful, with 200 kids on it at once and they have a 100% graduation rate for kids in the program, in an area that traditionally has less than 50%. 

I love kids, I have three of my own and I want to see these kids succeed.  

CI: What changes have you implemented within the company, and what are you looking to streamline or alter going forward? 

JE: A lot of the changes have been the ability to improve our productivity and ability to deliver more chairs, more quickly. I guess that’s kind of boring in the big picture, but what we are trying to do, and where we are trying to grow, is across the world.  

The reason we have stayed ahead of everyone is that we have established a track record of innovation. The newest chairs came out around when I started, and the Monaco chair with its unique appearance is selling really well. There will always be competitors who might have a cheaper chair, but we have stayed  ahead in terms of innovation and new products and continue to spend money on R&D to develop the next cool chair and the next great idea. We have a new sound bench coming out, a new chair at G2E in October in Vegas… Staying ahead of the field in terms of innovation is critical to us.  

There is still plenty of opportunity in the casino world both in the US and further afield, there are casinos redesigning, new casinos being built – we have to be more advanced and better designed than the competition. 

A look at Gary Platt, TC Millwork, MGR, and StylGame – Casino Journal

Gary Platt G2E, Casino Seating, Casino Chairs

A look at Gary Platt, TC Millwork, MGR, and StylGame – Casino Journal

By Joan Mantini – Casino Journal, November 2017

PROFILE: Gary Platt celebrates 20 years with a front row seat

Gary Platt Manufacturing is celebrating its 20th anniversary in the casino seating industry. The milestone achievement has been made possible by the company’s exclusive focus on gaming chairs for the casino market and by delivering the most comfortable experience possible for its customers and their players.

“Making players feel at home… that was the philosophy company founder Gary Platt brought to his designs 20 years ago, and the idea revolutionized the gaming industry,” said Skip Davis, president of Gary Platt Manufacturing. “Today, his philosophy continues to drive the company, helping tens of millions of players feel at home, stay comfortable and enjoy their favorite games longer, positively impacting the bottom lines of operators everywhere.”

Over the past 20 years, Gary Platt Manufacturing’s extensive line of chairs have come to populate the floors of hundreds of casinos worldwide, according to press materials. Gary Platt continues to be at the pioneering edge of casino seating design with its new and innovative ergonomic chair concepts.

From the curvy San Remo to the sleek Monaco, the company has modern chair styles that reinvent the shape of comfort industry-wide. Each new style features ergonomics that are the independent creation of the company’s team of seating experts. Providing built-in lumbar support and other contours to fit the human form, every seat has Gary Platt’s unique waterfall front edge, relieving stress on the player’s legs.

Each new style was created with a unique proprietary injection molded blend of foam made exclusively for Gary Platt and designed for casino applications, molded to the perfect density to ensure lasting comfort and elasticity, and coming with a lifelong guarantee. Every chair is designed with unrivaled attention to detail, using only the highest quality materials, inside and out. Every detail is considered and planned to deliver a carefully crafted experience.

Read the full article on Casino Journal’s website.

Made for Comfort – Inside Asian Gaming

G2E 2017

Made for Comfort – Inside Asian Gaming

By Ben Blaschke – Inside Asian Gaming April 2017

Gary Platt Manufacturing is not only the world’s leading supplier of casino chairs, it was also the company that revolutionized the casino seating industry.

If you’ve ever wondered what separates one casino chair from another, the story of Gary Platt’s winning bid for MGM National Harbor – Washington DC’s brand new integrated resort – provides a case in point.

Three years before the property finally opened its doors in December 2016, one of the US furniture company’s rivals began work on a concept they hoped would win the hearts and behinds of MGM management. Then, a year out from launch, Gary Platt Manufacturing had a go.

“They had senior management all the way up to the President of MGM and the General Manager of the property sit on them (the chairs) and their decision was ultimately based on comfort.”

First founded in 1996 in a tiny warehouse in Los Angeles, the success of Gary Platt Manufacturing has always been built around a unique appreciation of a client’s needs. It was, for example, this philosophy that saw the company move to Reno during those early years because Reno was home to its lone customer, IGT. It was also what led the start-up towards the native American market – one it recognized as being severely under-served.

But it was the company’s ground breaking Extended Play line of chairs, first released in 2003, that revolutionized the industry and saw the company become a major player in international casino supply.

“It was completely different to everything that was being offered in the casino seating market at the time,” says Davis. “We quickly went from selling 10 or 15 models that were a variety of the old style seat – very small seats with small backs and flat foam – to primarily the Extended Play line. In a very short period, 80% of our chairs were this new Extended Play and it just sat completely different from what people were used to seeing. It totally changed their thoughts.”

Not surprisingly, the idea that by simply offering a more comfortable chair players would remain at the tables longer proved irresistible to operators.

“That was our play from the get-go,” continues Davis. “Time on device was our big coin phrase and our play to this day is that people pay a ton of money to market their property and get customers in the door. Those customers should never get up from a game because they feel fatigued in terms of the ‘sit’ of the chair.

“We needed to make a chair that was attractive enough and comfortable. We wanted people to sit down and say ‘Wow’.”

These days Gary Platt Manufacturing produces around 75,000 chairs a year, making it the number one global casino chair supplier as well as the top supplier of chairs for electronic gaming machines due to partnerships with the likes of IGT and Aristocrat.

The company has also changed the way operators approach chair design in general. Two decades ago, casino seating was almost an afterthought. Now it takes years of planning to arrive at a concept that is both comfortable and ergonomically sound while simultaneously meeting an operator’s stringent design brief.

“At the end of the day we’ve got to give our customers a product to fit their needs and they need it to work for their customers,” offers Davis, whose Asian clients include Singapore’s Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands. “The ones who are really tuned in are the ones who are really focused on their customer experience and the chair is an important part of that.

“It’s the one thing that customers truly have contact with when they are sitting at a game and playing. It’s the seat. And they don’t think about it much but it’s got to be ergonomically correct, it’s got to give you back support, it’s got to give you leg support without stressing your legs. It sounds really simple but if you sit in the different casino seats that are available today you’ll see a lot of people don’t get it.”

Which brings Davis to another key point – don’t mess with a winning formula.

“It’s one of our primary philosophies,” he says. “In our market these days we deal with operators who are interested in the return on every investment they make, including the chair. We also work with designers who view the chair as an aesthetic complement to the environment around it.

“As a result, sometimes we get designs that just don’t sit well so we try to work with the designers and the operators to get them to agree to a hybrid that still has the comfort but gives the designers something that they’re looking for.

“But we’re lucky that we have an in-house designer who is probably the world’s best when it comes to ergonomics and comfort and we have a proprietary foam supplier who has been supplying our foam for 15 years, so there is none better.

“Some of our competitors will mess with their densities and elasticities to meet customer demand but we won’t touch our formula. It is what it is. We’re not making it softer and we’re not making it harder because it’s right.

“We stick to that and we don’t even discuss it with our customers because we don’t want to change it.”


Find full article at the Inside Asian Gaming Website.

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