Derek Amundson, Vice President – Casino Operations

When we decided to bring back poker to SAHARA Las Vegas, we knew that we would go “all-in”, from the light fixtures to the video wall. As a part of that commitment we also knew that we needed a chair that would provide our guests, and team members, with industry leading style, function and comfort. After engaging many suppliers, Gary Platt was our clear choice,

Peter Arceo, General Manager

With the Vault Gaming & Provisions we aimed to create a luxurious, high end gaming experience unlike any other”, “The attention to detail was very important to the look and feel of this space and the Gary Platt team immediately understood our vision. We, along with our guests, are thrilled with the custom chairs they have created for us.

Kyle Sullivan, Operations Manager

When we started thinking about updating our slot floor’s chairs, Gary Platt was the only name that came to mind, and we couldn’t be happier. Our chairs came out exactly the way we wanted, and our guest love them. Thank you, Gary Platt.

Tim Ramer, Property Manager

As we put plans in action to renovate our High Limits Room, we wanted to create a space that was more exciting and comfortable than the original room. Comfort was a priority, so we chose Gary Platt chairs for the space. We have been very pleased with their performance ever since, and our players are happy with the upgrades we made

Blake Lyon, Gaming Director

Throughout our casino, our players have enjoyed their gaming experience in Gary Platt chairs, so when we were planning our expansion, adding more Gary Platt chairs was an easy choice.

Joe Grande, Assistant General Manager

We were able to repurpose some of the existing casino chairs for the main casino, and for our high-limit guests, we wanted to provide an entirely new experience where luxury and comfort take center stage. We have been thrilled with our working relationship with Gary Platt, and we have created a design that fits the new Ocean Resort Casino brand perfectly,

John Baca, Director of Slot Operation

Our players are extremely comfortable in our current Gary Platt chairs. Now as we expand our casino to offer our players an even better experience, it was a natural decision to choose Gary Platt chairs to go along with the new areas.

Chuck Hickey, Vice President of Slot Operations

We carefully planned every inch of our expansion, selecting only the best for our valued players. That includes exclusively using Gary Platt chairs, which we think are by far the most comfortable casino chairs in the industry.

Alex Rodriguez, Vice President of Slot Operations

When we embarked on our expansion, our mission was to provide only the very best for our customers. That definitely includes the comfort of where they sit. Gary Platt chairs are a key part of that mission, because they provide an incredibly comfortable gaming experience.
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