Gary Platt G2E 2015 Review

After a full year of preparation, the first day of the Global Gaming Exposition (G2E) was finally here and the entire convention center was filled with controlled excitement as the exhibitors prepped for attendees to arrive in droves. G2E is the combined Olympics and SuperBowl of the gaming business industry, so all of the gaming giants were in attendance. Within this undercurrent of anticipation, the new Gary Platt booth shined like a beacon.

Illuminated white with orange highlights, the modern exposition was all straight lines and sleek edges. Going against their traditional display concept, the booth’s floor plan of was spacious, exhibiting the elegance of Gary Platt’s new brand along with their beautiful chairs. Those chairs stood like art sculptures on the silver rug, each one displaying at least one ground-breaking industry innovation in comfort and design.

 International and domestic GPM sales representatives attended in force, keen to witness the modernization of the classic Gary Platt brand. Skip Davis, President of Gary Platt Manufacturing, introduced the sales team to all of the new seating concepts on display in a quick meeting before the doors to the exposition opened for the first time.

A look-around the hall confirmed Gary Platt chairs dominated the convention center, exhibited in tandem with some well-known games from IGT, Aristocrat, Konami, and many others. However, the best chairs could only be found at the luminous Gary Platt booth, tempting wandering attendees to sit down and wonder at the quality of the seats. Mr. Gary Platt even visited the booth, hailed on all sides by industry friends and connections, all eager to get a dose of his infamous charm and outgoing personality. Well-known in the casino industry and a pioneer of gaming seating solutions, Gary has been a opinion leader for more then half a decade and continues to be a symbol in the industry to this day.

Overall, Gary Platt Manufacturing was a great success at G2E 2015. Here’s to the hope that they deliver on an, even more, impressive appearance next year!