G2E 2016 Review

G2E 2016 Review

Gary Platt, pioneer of the slot seating in Las Vegas casinos, celebrated his 91st birthday at the Gary Platt Manufacturing’s booth on the first day of the Global Gaming Exposition 2016. Filled with smiles and well wishes, the crowd watched as Gary Platt (Founder) and Skip Davis (President) shared a moment of reflection on how the casino industry has changed over the last 60 years.

“I really love coming to G2E, because I get to see so many old friends and we remember the old days and reminisce on how naïve we were to what our efforts were creating. We were the founders of an entire industry and we had little idea as to how it would grow. Now, I come here (to G2E) and see the next generation evolving our efforts in ways we didn’t even think possible. This makes me so grateful to be a part of this industry and so excited to witness the next chapter!” said Gary, as he squeezed Skip’s shoulder.

On display at the booth this year, were 3 new models that are being launched in early 2017 – The Monaco: a new shape of comfort, the San Remo: curved comfort, and the Sonoma Bench: share the comfort. In addition, many prototype designs were shown that shattered industry norms and catapulted seating design to the next level.

People could be seen lounging around the booth, hesitant to leave the seats when after they had sat in them just once. Smiles and laughter abounded through the booth. One visitor even commented, “Whenever I walk by your booth all I see is people smiling and laughing! It’s a big change from what I saw at (Competitor)’s booth, where you can only find somber and bored faces.”

Gary Platt Manufacturing bought excitement and innovation back to the casino seating industry this year, and is only projected to continue this mission into next year and beyond!