Casino Journal Article of on Gary Platt Manufacturing – February 2014

Gary Platt Manufacturing looks forward to another strong year

Body_38_0214CJ_pic3_gary-Platt_Capri-Designer-BackSince its February 1997 founding in California, the managing partners of Gary Platt Manufacturing have had one goal—to provide comfortable, innovative casino seating that delivers quality products and excellent customer service. Gary Platt revolutionized the gaming industry by introducing seating in front of slot machines and soon became IGT’s casino seating supplier.

As business increased, Platt and then-president Bob Yabroff decided that relocating to Reno, Nev., in February 1999 would maximize access to major slot machine manufacturers and ultimately grow the company. The plan worked. Gary Platt has more than tripled its facility from the original 25,000-square foot building to its current 90,000-square-foot facility. The original six-member staff has expanded to 76 who produce and distribute high-quality companion slot, poker and table game seats worldwide. Gary Platt’s domestic and international sales representation now includes partnerships with Bet Rite of Canada, PHaT Sourcing in Australia and New Zealand, and Intergames in Europe.

Gary Platt has always considered casino seating as key to a customer’s social experience. The 2000 debut of the X-tended Play Chair, gaming’s first ergonomically engineered chair, forever altered the seating landscape.

The company’s success is based on their development of a proprietary manufacturing process that uses custom raw materials. This helped Gary Platt to reach the next level of innovative new chair amenities. For example, the solidly engineered recessed insert handles, fitting into the back of the chair, eases movement between locations. Other new designs include decorative scalloped foot rests, wider seat cushions for larger customers and arm rests on specific chairs.

Players may also enhance their overall experience when sitting in Gary Platt’s full-surround sound chair, which incorporates regular speakers and high-quality audio components. Slot machine manufacturers can design their own proprietary features into the seats.

Gary Platt is committed to collaborating with customers. Mark Yurcisin, vice president of sales for Gary Platt, claims that teamwork provides the ultimate customer casino floor experience. “From inception to delivery, we gather input from and offer suggestions to the architectural and design teams, slot and table manufacturers, casino owners and operations teams, plus the players, to create the most memorable experience possible,” he said. “Partnering with leading international upholstery manufacturers, suppliers and top interior design firms helps us provide innovative and unique seating. We use their most attractive available textures, colors and finishes to complement these chairs.”

Extensive travel helps Gary Platt designers and engineers discover potential innovations and inventions. They are presently coordinating with industry talent to determine Gary Platt’s place in the casino of the future.

Last year was Gary Platt’s most profitable sales year, and sales growth has continued into the current fiscal year. Replacement business from repeat customers has been strong, reflecting the company’s high level of customer retention and satisfaction. They have also earned a healthy share of the new construction orders throughout North America. International sales have reached a record level, thanks in part to the strong partnerships formed with strategic distributors.

The future looks bright. “We anticipate greater prospects for company growth with new products and expanded markets,” said Skip Davis, Gary Platt COO. “Our capable, strong team will facilitate our plans while continuing to satisfy our customers’ high expectations. We will never compromise our core belief that comfort means increased play, resulting in superior returns for our customers.”


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