Gary Platt Celebrates Over 20 Years of Service

After ending 2017 with a bang, Gary Platt entered 2018 with even more achievements as they awarded eight service awards to loyal, hard-working Gary Platt employees.  One of these included Bob Yabroff, one of the founders of Gary Platt.

The service awards were celebrated in conjunction with a post holiday party for all employees, including food, music and fun team bonding.

Service awards were given to employees who have been with the company for 5, 15 and 20 years. These awards are meant to show employees how much they are valued and appreciated for their service, loyalty, dedication and hard work. Without them, Gary Platt would not be where they are today; it is hard working people like the service award recipients that help make Gary Platt a reality every day.

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Service award recipients are as follows:

Francisca Dominguez                                     20 Years

Juan Escobar                                                 20 Years

Jesus Gutierrez                                              20 Years

Socorro Jauregui                                            20 Years

Robert Yabroff                                                20 Years

Maria Piedra                                                   15 Years

Agapito Diaz                                                   5 Years

Mark Yurcisin                                                  5 Years

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Gary Platt prides itself on being able to provide a positive and engaging work environment that allowed these people to service Gary Platt for so many years.

 “Our Employees are the company’s most valuable resource.  Without their hard work and dedication, Gary Platt would not be able to function on the level that we do today. We are so proud and happy to have these individuals as a part of our growing team and we wanted to let them know how much their years of dedication are valued and appreciated in this company,” Joe Esposito, CEO of Gary Platt, said.

Gary Platt hopes to give out many more of these awards in the coming years.