SX2 Sierra

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SX2 Sierra

Standard features

  • High Density Molded Foam
  • Comfort Topper sewn in on Seats and Backs
  • Ergonomically Designed Lumbar Support
  • Triple Weltless Stitched Seams
  • Contrasting Camel Thread Stitching Standard

Build Your Chair Click on image, then on any options* Some configurations may not be compatible. Please contact Customer Service for any clarifications.

1Select Back Style

  • SX2 SX2 SX2 16" Back Height

Back Options

  • P Upholstered Plastic Outside Back
  • OR
  • W Upholstered Wood Outside Back

2Select Seat Style

  • 150-18-wide-SX2 18" Wide 150 18" Seat Width
  • 152-20-wide-SX2 20" Wide 152 20" Seat Width

Seat Options

  • C Covered Back Bar (Same Uph as Seat Std.)
  • A Arm Not Upholstered
  • U Arm Upholstered (Same Uph as Seat Std.)
  • R Seat Shroud Upholstered (Same Uph as Seat Std.)

3Select Bases

  • Epic Epic w/ Footrest 330
  • 310-Leg-Base-Internal-Rect-Footrest 4 Leg Internal Rectangular Footrest 310
  • Leg Base External Rect Footrest 4 Leg External Rectangular Footrest 315
  • External Epic Ring 4 Leg External Epic Footrest 316

  • Leg Base External Round Footrest 4 Leg External Round Footrest 320
  • Information on ADA Bases