Four Signs of Failing Casino Seating

Picture this for a moment… Martha, a 62-year old retired nurse who loves penny slots, sits down for her daily round on her favorite machine. The chair creaks, but Martha takes no notice since that type of thing happens sometimes. Since her retirement, she’s put on a few extra pounds but as long as Larry, her husband, doesn’t mind, neither does she. 14 minutes into playing, Martha wins a bonus spin! Excited, she readjusts herself in her chair, pushing the chair back to give herself a bit more leg room. As Martha does this, the nine-year-old casino chair’s glide-less feet catch on the worn carpet. Martha begins to tip back, flailing to catch herself, but ultimately crashing to the floor.

A situation like this is a probable consequence of not examining for or identifying chair defects. Slot Managers and Floor Directors could easily overlook something as seemingly trivial as a missing chair glide when dealing with the day-to-day chaos of orchestrating a money-making adult playground. It is still recommended that casino chairs be examined at least twice a year for a variety of defeats that might damage the property’s image or threaten visitor’s safety. Here are some of the signs that your casino seating might be failing:

Casino Seating

Casino Seating

Sign 1 – Puddling or Poor Upholstery: 

Through either timely wear or bad workmanship, upholstery damage is an early indicator that your chairs are tiring. Multiple cigarette burns, tears, or alcohol stains on and in the fabric can really bring down the whole gaming floor aesthetic. Another problem to look for with fabric is puddling. When a chair was not made correctly, the upholstery will puddle unattractively and uncomfortably.

Sign 2 – Foam Breakdown:

Certain supplier foams used in chair backs and seats break down over time, creating lumpy or hard casino seating. This can really throw off the comfort and look of a chair, affecting the return on games in the long run.

Sign 3 – Powder Coat Wear 

Frame finish is bound to diminish over time but when it begins to flake, it is time to take action.

Sign 4 – Glide Problems

When the glides have fallen off a chair, the chair feet can easily catch on the casino floor carpet. This could be dangerous for any players that sit in or try to move the chair.

As long as you check for these signs periodically through out the year, you should know exactly when it is time to do a chair renovation.